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Rules and Regulations

  • Check-in time : 1400 hours and Check-out time : 1200 hours.
  • Cooking and Barbeques are strictly prohibited
    Our caretaker will be happy to cater your food and beverage requirements.
  • Please remove your shoes before entering the bungalow.  A shoe rack is available inside the main entrance.
  • A deposit of RM200.00 will be collected upon check-in and shall be refunded upon check-out if everything is in order.
    Compensation for rectification of damages will be at the sole discretion of the Management.  If the cost to repair, replace or install items that may be damaged or destroyed or rendered unserviceable with similar articles of at least the same quality and value shall exceed initial payment and/or deposit, you shall be liable for the shortfall including any labour or workmanship cost incurred.
  • Guests are to keep the premises and all the facilities provided therein, tidy and in good order at all times otherwise a surcharge will be imposed accordingly.
  • The remote control for the audio-visual equipment should be kept out of reach of children.
  • Please restrain children from jumping on the sofa and bed, and from soiling the carpets, flooring and walls.
  • Please do not pluck the flowers in the garden.
  • SMOKING is strictly prohibited inside the bungalow although is permitted outside. This is to avoid possible burn damage on the sofa, bed, carpet and curtains, and to eliminate smoke odour in the bungalow.  You will appreciate that smoking is also a fire hazard.
  • Please ask our caretaker for an ash tray if you wish to smoke.
  • Switch off the lights and heater when not in use to conserve energy and to prevent overheating.
  • Immoral, illegal or offensive activities causing nuisance to the neighbours are prohibited.
  • All Guests are required to strictly comply with the house rules and regulations.